Friday, 12 April 2013

new visions

all i wanna do is sing
and express the joy it brings

all we gotta do is love
and tell everyone thats the stuff

but all i really really want
is for the world to work as one

and everyone sing this song
to make for times of heaven on,
this earth....

so if you can bring the truth to light
go on and find it in ur fight
to be a better positive man
and take the smallest biggest stand

saving face is not gonna bring u grace
nor will it be any thing to place
a step for the futures kids
thats what we should be looking to give

all i wanna do is sing

and express the joy it brings

all we gotta do is love
and tell everyone thats the stuff

but all i really really want 
is for the world to work as one

and everyone sing this song
to make for times of heaven on
this earth....

we may think that our time has come
aren't you clever pretty ones
selling out for the final count
yet its ur soul that really falls down

making time to make time
for the reality of not being blind
dead to the way of (the) power(ful)
all the tales that make them cower (like fools)

not one has got the rights 
to tell you how to sleep tonight
as long as ur doing good
let the grace of god be in ur books

all i wanna do is sing
and express the joy it brings

all we gotta do is love
and tell everyone thats the stuff

but all i really really want 
is for the world to work as one

and everyone sing this song
to make for times of heaven on
this earth....

so stand up against the money 
and the persuasion of ur mind
advertise ur own plan 
for a world on heavens land

if u think that i am wrong 
to sing this kinda revolution song
than maybe you have given up
to a place of war in ur heart.

its not drunk on funking
its not youth on the clunk
party people are all around
this here is my plee to beware
u loose ur mind u loose the time
to be free from the negative binds

you sit like a coal train inhaling the ghost
of mary jane and everything that she loves the most
to take away the position in which u find
ur mind and ur time
be careful what she leads u to on the road of watchful eyes

dreaming away u think this worlds safe
but one by one we are drifting to becoming an insanity race

on a corse of another day
id take back all those years of life i wasted 

take away all the worlds pain 
and my witnessing of the worlds greatest games

but in reality miss mary is just the tip of the tree
how bad could she truly be? 
man made alcohol and god made grass
who do u trust
you cant trust the justice of us

pop a pill to cure all ills
pop a pill to cure the time of the modern world 

darker days are coming and the daemons dont cry
darker days are here and the daemons dont fear
the classes of evil shadow the people

the human race gets graded ..fading by far
succumb to the devil and to leader demands
advertising morals of monkeys and charms

thats no way to behave
to have and to hold 
on to the light of the gold
whats clever and cold
something borrowed 
or new
im talking you

escaping the truth of our place in time
the nuclear rhyme
is a ticking chyme
a jack in the box of war
open the lid 
and forever know whats inside
the memory of which cannot be hidden

come on 
do no wrong
on call
for the future of us all

we gotta standup against the white collar man
suit and tie, media minds
he tries to manipulate us all 
making u want to be something lesser than ur soul
have the alarm bells rung on the 
ladder to be climbed so high
as we leave the serpents behind


where oh where can Mother Mary be
why oh why does Jesus cry at night
how oh how will God save us now
the ground and tides of the land and sea
the moon and sun providing light has begun
so long ago yet so long left to live
so give in goodnesses sake for the greater love

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

something old

sunday 29/06/08

ive lost my lay
whos the hand to hold me higher
whos the sight to the buyers

ive lost my lay
taken time from takers
forever the miss mistaken

ive lost my mind
due course of due water
a rug to cover the rust

given strength of songs
words deciphered to gone
leaving more to discover
the world as one, we will never see
the dream we talk will never be

ive lost my lay
ive lost my mind
and so much left

not ever alone
always with these voices
not my mind
not my lay

ive lost my lay
due course of due water
a rug to cover the rust
repeated in another day


laughters slaughter silences of us
until then the powerful fill
hidden flaws of spoken laws

steady rush of lost ones
walks a steep step to take

tailoring coils of electric heat
tailoring past times of mystery
tailoring memories you have, forgotten

as i forgot to allow myself to see
now founding a life half lived
in what i am
the rest in another world

living fighting, fought and found

its better in black deepness
thinking of nothing
but lines are filling
ages flying

our souls never dying
liquor shifting us to feel old enough
when will we be old enough to no longer be blinded

the taste of new sin
the book buried to depths
a death to the way we arrived

lost and found
missing from the life left behind
another time to fight
the breath of the death
letting the demons win
when faith is a possibility
of life's light


Structured to differ
the rolling stone, a base for the river
found- dug out by the music bound
amused by the loudness of you
amused by the figures of us as fools
painted in bright
colours to stone greyed nights

to be us in hand in turning tunes
of years over landing
to space between air and dreams
truth unbound
thunder shuddering the seems
lost in finds


im a new man
saved by the blood
im a new man
no longer sitting in time
im an new man
saved by the bread
im a new man
now sitting with time
im a new man

so...where to now

lighting my life with this match
matching my life to this game
gaming my life with this bet
betting my life with you is pain

why are you so blind to this
is it so i can see?
you cant be true
its all false prophecy
and remarkably so so wrong
so so easy to see
just leave me to be

just leave me alone
to fix the mess im in


to take it all back
and make it on the right track
but its to late to look backwards
towards pasts i wish to hide
moving on and forward

would i choose again love, or so i thought it was
instead of successes i was due to reach

i used to teach and listen to their love qualms
and wished i had a love myself
so i thought it was love when attention came by
yet it was just my desire to be in love
that has caught me in a life so so wrong


many looks as i leapt
across the stepping stones
falling in the end before reaching solid ground
if only..if only i had taken careful steps
so so sweet it all could have been
and i would not be drenched
in this endless sea of disappointment
and depressive emotions


so far to go
it wont go on forever this way
not so far to a happy day
even though the skies are grey
i see with sight
so far to go

so im holding on to
a happy day


promises i cant keep
making us weep
change is a choice
that can only happen
if u choose it to be
something to change


im counting
im walking
in the park of pretending
and patients all at the same time
im searching
im returning
in the sea of honesty
and silence all at the same time

this is my life
i take my vow in my hands
and reach to the lord
not a single man

this is my life
i take the bow out of my hair
and reach in opposite directions now
not a little girl

this is my life


so six steps forward
and twenty back
tracking time
bending till im broken
to satisfy you
and be whats makes you contented

nothing ever could be so clear

mean but no means to stand by
hand to hand mouth to mouth
u think ur my guide and saving light

i have a spiritual place to look for guidence
Known as GOD

so take it away and add it all together
what am i trying to say here
nothing could ever be so clear

these streets are clear
make tracks
i dont want to live in fear
that my being is not good enough
for YOU

in my soul i laugh at that
in my mind i cry at that fact
my being is good enough
for me and in the eyes of those who do love me

so dont tell me i have no personality
if u dont like me as a person

if i bore you...dont expect me to change
to fill ur expectations of what makes a person u will enjoy time with
go and find a person whos time you do enjoy
im not going to be molded by ur plan


lighting my life with this match
matching my life to this game
gaming my life with this bet
betting my life with you is pain

why are you so blind to this
is it so i can see?
you cant be true
its all false prophecy
and remarkably so so wrong
so so easy to see
just leave me to be

just leave me alone
to fix the mess im in


so where to now
and whats next

Sunday, 10 March 2013

rails and tracks

you must be proud
on how u find them
well and higher
than anyone that
couldn't buy them

but whats left is
a highland
made from curiosity
so sound in mind
barricaded by what
the hell was grown

smuked smoked
and choking now
on the aftermath
of what was fun
so innocently shown

if u don't know where
it all went wrong
perhaps if i say'ed
it like this
difficult to suppress
crave may we

please be awake
cost of white s now
that fell before my eyes
sleep deprived
ud be in the known

just what it was
that went right thru me
the good time
hypnotik the swirl
cruel and curling
around hy-pnotick

how the hell she
made chase
for all the spell
money wealth
soul being lost

true costings
infinite in my brain
the hidden demon
in his power
devil he had me
eventually gone

lucky for me
mind returned
struggles i now face
in choices i do yearn
to turn around

to start over
and get the chance
to grow old
with my true
wealth and full
mind and health

abcd...what would be me
pqrs...if i wasn't curios
wxyz.. i hope you can see, and dont act in naivety

any line in between it seen
i knew just what i was doing
green to white
shit a magic trick A
rabbit jumped out that fucking hat
and then madness struck

yet free now u know
and learnt well
never dumb
was well aware
it was my fall to take
major fail off rails
and tracking well
how well now oh so
so proud of the loud
expression on my face
success is grace

-+ profits and loss +-

parted by the water
just over the sea air
i can see the shores
where we stand tall

God forgive me for the ways i have sinned
my life spent all the time i bent
wasting away my good mind

they are waiting for more than wars
and what was before all this
found above heavens doors
discussing how to make truth happen

for all, it seems we're feeding
nothing but negatives and ease
it is as if we have achieved the greatest feat
more than another generation could ever compete

one day i pray its taken all away
so the beginning can start its play
and we can say the true world has begun
singing our demons to dust and dirt

it will rain new joys
and parting with the sorrows
they say we need this array of soul and grace
no longer borrowed and stolen

the tricks of those who sell and profit
from the disfunction and loss of you

writing on this upside down paper
yet the lines still trap my words
isn't it nice to be free people to be a freeing spirit

stuck on the lowest rung of ladders hung for every man
we will all face the facts of each years passing

he sits and creates such,
as which steps to take
options of whats right and fake
wit and intellect
while he waits for us

the saving of all
the saving of each others fait
not his choice but ours as a world
warred and worry, the fall of this

all this and it still seems its all worth it
worth more than a million births of the popular fear
this story of ours makes all for a stronger hold on future ways
learning from each day

make room for all your worth
not the tasks of your work
Make your worth work for the higher
of all this in due times

Thursday, 6 December 2012

all incomplete

beautiful woman see zion, wont you come by me
lost in no babylon finding truth, where we belong
sometimes we wonder wrong, take times before there gone
i like it to much not to fit, in whats seemed strong
government in you take my hand, making this choice for not long

how much time before the wind sings clearer
cries beneath the land and in the tides
rising higher than a storms nature and ruin

making it alright

all alsweet ryt from the start
starting over with the heart

cant finish this one...
im starting over


how dose it feel to you?
all along this road
the strength of the able,
the weak and the wisest men
of all wars they hold

nothing to find begotten or beginning found,
to the width of the widest river,
flowing before the tides and moon rises,
whilst we sing to the eclipse of life and its light.

tempted by life's interest of today..
so easy to drink away the false and the punishment of sane and sanity
how much more does it cost to do this thing
yes its how to bleed reality and keeping occupied in such times
dont defy me music, jus define my being with words spoken and dreamed.

nothing is as far away as it seems
sister said to me, shock she got from what was seen in my eyes
it wasnt me i wasnt there

nothing is as far away as it seems
now the other sister said once she was proud of my strength..
she dosnt speak such words now

i havent moved

stuck on a path that was not mine
only found while looking ahead blind

in a valley of tart and sweet
the taste of whats left
blindfold now lifted i can lift my head
and spirit so divine
as we all are
don't you see
how this could be so much more than our forgiven

oh rising seas

that make me change my name
to be more profound
in sound it seems strangers are drawn
so be the swords of the men amongst their beliefs
and their left behind dreams

so don't go far towards the sun
but run from the dangerous one


do you wonder what hes gonna do
to take away the pain from you

what makes for a future that lasts
is what you do here in this life

honesty as the policy
so i can keep my head up high

to finish on top this time
we see we need to be free


sitting in the same places again
wondering where i fit in
to this life i thought i had in the bag
a toast to that been so so in the tag of where im at


any day of good fortune could come by me
anyway im happy to be here jus me

ive met some good people
ive met some bad games

grace of god guide the goodness in my mind
i know its not my soul not making the bad mistakes


its incredible baby
making me be ready to stay
when im actually now walking away
u could ask me to stay again
but im removing the cuffs u have linked to me
are you blinded still
its incredible baby


look ahead twice before u leap
towards any colour in the sky
thats before you
dont die upon the tears cried

its truth only whats found
and here is where we are

so sing to the heavens
as if u where already there
take it from me
even i may not get there this time

to know such remedies
to the souls spirit mind
take ur life ahead before u fold
into pieces smaller than stories of past times

so history tels us something
who looks to tell us where to go
in our supajets